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About us

logo2Lama was established in 2000 as a provider of maintenance services for those who use production and packaging lines.
Since the very beginning, the company has paid the utmost attention to meeting customers’ time requirements and being able to solve problems efficiently and with great flexibility.

In its first few years, the company expanded quickly in order to meet the large number of requests it received and penetrated into the pharmaceutical, dietary, cosmetic, tobacco, food and tissue sectors.

In 2006 Lama co-founded Consorzio Contec and started a partnership which has enabled the company to implement customer services with specific electromechanical activities, P.L.C. programming software and software planning, technical and regulatory documentation.

In the last two years, our customer portfolio has expanded noticeably, especially abroad. At the same time, Lama has established collaborations with important automatic machine manufacturers worldwide and become an intermediary in the provision of services and assistance.